Back off IPad! says Laptop

Why the IPad will never replace the Laptop.


The tablet PC has been an up and coming item on the market in the last few years, but does it have the potential to replace the laptop?

I’m sure that Steve Jobs was hoping that his IPad would be the tablet PC to do the trick; ultimately they just released a really expensive giant IPhone. While the Ipad is now responsible for 95% of tablet PC sales, many agree however that the IPad is just a big fancy toy. Where the IPad and tablets fail is that they can’t possibly offer everything that a regular laptop offers or they would be a laptop.

An IPad can offer many additional accessories in addition the main unit, but the laptop already offers these things as a part of a built in unit. If a tablet were to start incorporating these things it might start looking very familiar almost like a laptop.

So while the tablet PC is an interesting new development in the world of mobile computing it’s nowhere near ready to take up the laptops mantel, but in 10 years and the addition of a USB port the IPad may raise to a higher level in terms of overall mobile computing.




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